Google’s latest Generative AI Masterclass using Google AI Studio, Gemini & Angular



Gerard Sans

Gerard is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular. He works as a Developer Advocate at AWS and he is the founder of the AngularZone community in London. He loves coding, learning and sharing knowledge.

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In this full day training, you will learn how to leverage Google’s new Generative AI platform using the new Google AI Studio and the just released Gemini APIs to build the next generation of AI-enabled Applications and powerful chatbots with Angular v17. The workshop is hands-on and practical, but we also give an overview of all the latest advancements and ideas.

- Introduction to Generative AI, Google AI Studio and Gemini models
- Common risks and mitigations: prompt attacks, biases and facts grounding
- Using the Google AI Client for Gemini from Angular, Auth access and best practices around error handling
- Using Gemini Pro API
- Prompt techniques and how to use temperature, topK and topP
- Lab: prompt design best practices
- Using Gemini Pro Vision API
- Introduction to LangChainJS, embeddings and RAG vector databases
- Lab: building a Bard clone
- Foundational Models: text, code, images, video and voice.
- Lab: adding code highlighting to our Bard clone
- Bonus: Embeddings, LangChainJS and AI Agents
- Lab: building an AI Agent with access to tools (calculator, search and runtime)
- Responsible AI principles in practice: traceability and monitoring

- Intermediate Angular v17
- Basic knowledge of Node
- VPN access (VPN Express, or similar). Beta access only available in US. Eg: NordVPN monthly plan with 30 days free guarantee ($12.99)

Target audience
Anyone who wants to experiment with cutting edge Generative AI into their apps or websites using the latest Angular. No previous experience with artificial intelligence is necessary.

When: June 25, 2024 | 9am-18pm

Venue: Midas Palace Hotel