Mastering NgRx Signal Store: From Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques



Alex Okrushko

Alex is a Senior Software Engineer at Snowflake. He is part of the NgRx team, GDE in Angular, Angular Toronto organizer, and co-organizer of the official Angular Discord. In his free time, he loves to learn & share knowledge, provides NgRx workshops and helps with - the TypeScript style guide.

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Marko Stanimirović

Marko is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Swiss Marketplace Group. He is a core member of the NgRx and AnalogJS teams, a Google Developer Expert in Angular, and an organizer of the Angular Belgrade group. Marko actively contributes to open-source software, shares knowledge through technical articles and talks, and enjoys playing the guitar. He holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Belgrade.

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Brandon Roberts

Brandon is an Open Source Advocate, focused on community engagement, content creation, and collaboration. He enjoys learning new things, helping other developers be successful, speaking at conferences, and contributing to open source. He is a GDE, technical writer, and a maintainer of the NgRx project, and creator of AnalogJS.

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